Dee Clements


“One of the most wonderful and fascinating things about sculpture is the diversity of its purposes. My own work over the years has covered many areas. Some pieces are for beauty, some tell of our heritage, some tell of my own history and some are just of interesting images.” – Dee Clements

Dee’s sculpture is a product of his life experiences and interests. The memories and the imagery of the small Midwestern community where he was born and raised; its family, its sense of freedom as a youth, its sense of community, and its people have been a source of inspiration.

“Effective sculpture is a craft”, Clements states while discussing his approach to sculpture. “Today my passion is the study of art history, anatomy and drawing; developing the use of tools and materials; and learning the process of sculpture production which then enables me to better convey my ideas. By mastering these ever so interesting tools of the trade, one may portray the content of a person, to capture through the face and figure the spiritual essence of the individual. By knowing one’s craft, a sculptor may occasionally approach art in his life and work.”

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In The Studio

Selected Works